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fully responsive and is designed in such a way that it looks great with every device. One can easily manage and access the admin panel on all the devices

Cleaners Booking System

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Schedule An Appointment

Book an appointment very flexibly with Cleanto. Get the services at your doorstep. Just few clicks and your work will be done.


Provides robust, reliable and secure Mobile Application Integration.

Easily Customizable Appearance

Fffers easily customizable appearance for their users. One can change the appearance of the system according to their likings.

Google Calendar Integration (2way)

With this feature one can easily set dates, times and reminders for important event/task and integrate them with Google Calendar

CRM Module

lets you manage registered and guest users’ all the personal and booking details at one place.

Secure Online Payments

Make your online payments safe and secure. Allows you to make payments at the time of booking. We offer multiple payment gateways to make online payments.

Partial Deposit

Partial Deposit feature lets you pay the amount which is less than the due amount by cheque. You can also refer to as an installment payment

Appointment Reminder

Many leading booking systems are providing appointment reminder feature. What makes us different from them is we offer comprehensive reminder through both SMS and Email; which leave the clients in no doubt as to the details of booking.

Reschedule Appointments

The name of the feature itself says it all. One can make changes to their existing appointments. One can flexibly reschedule their appointments before the appointment time. We have made rescheduling an appointment easy for you. This feature makes us unique from all.

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