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Build a better website that your customers will love.

SRS Designs assists in developing a flexible and cutting-edge digital presence to maximize efficiency. Up your business with user-friendly mobile apps and popular websites to attract and retain customers. Since the rest of the world is progressing quicker, your company has no excuse to fall behind. Your company will receive unprecedented engagements from our large team of programmers, designers, and original thinkers.

01 - Initial Idea

We take the time to learn about your goals and requirements for the website.

02 - Planning

We make it a reality. We look into the market and analyze the successes of your rivals.

03 - Deployment

You can make changes to your site as you build it by pointing, clicking, and typing directly on top of the design.

Why SRS Designs Tops Among Leading Web Design & Development Companies

If you work with SRS Designs, you're more than just a number. We get to know you and your business and do everything we can to promote your success. When our friends succeed, we feel a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, and we go out of our way to facilitate their progress.

Website Redesign

Website redesign services can boost earnings.

Your website’s bottom line is our top priority while we remodel it. More people will visit your site, which means more potential customers and more money in your pocket. To learn more about SRS Designs’ website redesign services, or to schedule a FREE demonstration, please scroll down.

If given the choice between reading something nicely designed or plain text for 15 minutes, 66% of individuals would choose the former. People are more likely to buy from you if your website looks professional and functions smoothly.

With SRS Designs’ website redesign services, you may make an attractive site that attracts customers and generates income. Get in touch with our in-house design and development team to boost the ROI of your redesigned website.

Please read on to get more information about our website redesign services, to see samples of our work, and to learn four guidelines for a successful makeover.

If you want a professional overhaul of your website, you can get a free mockup by filling out the form below.

What exactly are website redesign services?

To boost visits, interactions, and sales, website redesign services modernize your site's look, feel, and functionality. Redesigning a website is a comprehensive process that includes coding, graphics design, and SEO.

How much do website redesign services cost?

How much website redesign services cost depends on your site’s size, design, and development needs. Typically, website redesign projects will cost $1,000 to $10,000. However, request a custom quote for your site for the most accurate pricing.

Never Stress About Your WordPress Website Ever Again

Website Maintenance Support

Website Maintenance is an ongoing process for making sure your website performs well, the content looks fresh, website loads fast and keeps up with the security updates. By offering you our cost-effective web maintenance service, we keep your website updated.

A website that is not maintained regularly can possibly get attacked by the hackers, run slow and maybe you can lose your data. 

Our Professionals
Monthly website maintenance packages

Looking for a monthly website maintenance package for your business? With our customizable, monthly plans, it’s easy to keep your company’s site secure, up-to-date, and functional for users. Plus, you eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website.

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Page speed

Both Google and your site visitors will appreciate your attention to this detail. Bounce rate and conversion rate both decline when pages take too long to load.

Core Web Vitals

Google’s new metric for gauging the severity of UX issues. Google’s rating will drop if your site is cumbersome to use.

Reach your target audience
SEO On-page Optimization

After conducting this research, we fine-tune each page of the site to achieve higher rankings for the selected keywords. We pick and choose which keywords to target on a certain page, and then we optimize the following factors:

The primary goal of our page tuning is to increase your site’s conversion rates. We execute tests to increase traffic to your site and improve its aesthetics so that repeat visitors will spend more time there.

Booking System
It Is Smooth and easy to use on every device

completely mobile-friendly and skillfully crafted to appear its best on any screen size All devices have access to the same manageable admin panel. ​

Ceaning booking fully responsive
Branded Self Hosted Cloud Storage
A new home for your files
SRS Self Hosted cloud storage example
Cloud storage Sharing


Share files and folders with other users, allowing collaboration, or make files and folders publicly accessible via shareable links.

Cloud storage preview


Preview uploaded files including: audio, video, images, text, zip, PDF and more right in the browser without the need to download them first.

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